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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Computing woes update

My PC went dead in August, exactly one and a half years since I bought it. The desktop refuses to turn on: it repeatedly turns on for 2 seconds, and goes off in cycles. The prognosis by my experts is either a dead motherboard or a dead power supply.

My first generation MacBook, meanwhile, is still running strong and efficient. I installed Snow Leopard without any issues. Apple replaced the keyboard and its cover at no cost earlier. I gave it away to Saya for her school projects, and it should run for another two years.

Should I bring my PC for a check up and replace the faulty parts? Should I fork over another 6k and just buy a new PC? The reality is, fuck that. The old PC would probably run into another problem in six months, and the maintenance cost is just not worth the pain. I am leaving the PC platform for good.

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