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Saturday, July 05, 2008


A couple of rainy weekends passed by. We were hit by thunderstorms, typhoons and floods. I was on slippers to work, and only changed them back to shoes at my desk. It was a total mess in June here.

An extension to the story is that I didn't do much photography past month. I still have some photos I made in May which I could publish, but they aren't of stellar quality. I was also a bit lazy in getting my Lightroom to work again, given how many times I reformatted my computer past month. I am very much looking forward to buying an iPhone and pairing it up with my Vista... drifting back to the main story: been busy, bad weather, not much done on my 5D recently.

Now, on to something totally not photography related, and thus moving this note into the direction of "personal blog entry". A couple of clicks earlier, I founded one of my most beloved's blog site. I met her on my first day on the campus for my first degree, during my first tutorial session. It was my love of first sight: she was my best friend at school. We studied together, and supported each other on family, friendship and school. I stayed at her place, and she made dinner and breakfast for us and our friends. She introduced and supported my work at Salomon, and she made my first scarf.

I took responsibility in the failure of our relationship: I took things for granted, and I wasn't an understanding person in her feelings when she wanted to break up with me. I allowed myself to drift off and unknowingly hurt her feelings, and I was stupid enough not to know that she cared so much for me during our broke up.

I think she will give birth to her child this summer. Congratulations. Much love and care.

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