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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I cannot resist quoting an essay I read today.

A Drive for Deep Time
Driving to an appointment in Flagstaff, Arizona, I could hardly afford to detour. But only a few miles east lay more than two hundred million years back in time, at the Petrified Forest National Park, beckoning. Soon I walked among ancient expanses of toppled trunks. These trees, by the gift of mineralization, had voyaged from their own deep time up into our era. Then was an age when strange conifer forests rose to heights that would have felt familiar, yet no flowers adorned the land. Then was an age when the earliest bipedal dinosaurs had just evolved into the fastest and nastiest of runners, while ferret-like mammals were still reptilian works-in-progress.

Far, far in the future came the humans, with tools, language, bloody battles, creation myths--all extensions of a refined drive from survival inherited from ancient creatures, not only those that lived hundreds of millions of years ago but even from the dawn of life. We ask questions: Who are we and how did we get here? To answer, we imbibe history, gaze through telescopes, craft precision instruments that help in untangling facts from stone. And as we begin, in part, to truly reach bottom for those bottomless questions, the lid is lifted for our imaginations.

Tyler Volk / Within the Stone

I bought the book and am enjoying every pages of it. The book should inspire everyone who loves art and photography.

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