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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The lensbabies showed me a different photographic world. We normally see things literally in discrete ways, and through the distortions of the lens, we were led into a different reality that affects our ways of perceiving, designing and interpreting images.

I find myself taking a lot more exposures with the lensbabies. Part of the reason is to insure against focusing errors. The lensbaby is a manual focusing lens, and it requires more than turning a focusing ring, but bending and tilting the lens barrel in order to achieve focus. The extreme shallow depth of field makes it impractical to achieve focus through small viewfinders on glass wearers.

Distortions fill the majority of the frame. They remove literal details and leave only colors behind. It therefore asks for a stronger emphasis on color design from the photographer, I find.

I suggest visiting the lensbabies group on flickr, as well as the lensbabies vidcast on Radiant Vista.

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