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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I feel we are all connected in some ways.

We headed to the harbour this evening taking pictures and testing the tripod, and we almost gave up on the heavy rain. It eventually stopped right before we started shooting, and created one of the most beautiful and clean air over the harbour for us to shoot. It's just gorgeous.

After a couple of shots we moved around, trying different things - and right before we finish for the night, a total stranger visited us and asked if we can take pictures of him. We have been asking people on the street if we can take pictures of them, and this is the first time someone asked to see if we can do this for them.

We were flattered. He said he approached us because he thinks we know something about what we are doing - taking pictures of people in the night with scenic background. We chatted a bit and suggested him to visit the peak sometime. We had fun and smiles. I certainly hope he would like the photo.

Later we wandered into the Cultural Center - and we were greeted with ads of Joshua Bell's performance with the HKPO. We were ecstatic! Two weeks ago we were talking about how great a musician he is, and his strange experience performing on the street in Washington, DC. We were about to see if we can find his pieces on CDs - and there he is!

And finally we are back to the Starbucks. We stopped by the one next door and Maggie greeted us. I remembered vividly she spilled some coffee on her hands when making my order, and I asked if they are getting better. She was such a charming person and introduced us to the other baristas at the shop. We took some pictures of them and this is one of my favorite shots.

I keep experiencing life. I find it fascinating that if I keep trying, exciting things happen around me.
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