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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I came across this post on the old TOP.

This was taken by a guy named Gabriel M.A., and if there's a way to find out more of his name or more about him, I haven't figured that out yet. I admit I never feel quite at home on flickr. That's where I ran across this—on his flickr page, which I've been meaning to explore further but haven't gotten around to yet. Whatever—I'd trade about forty gross of the unusual oversaturated scenic sh*t on the internet—sharp pictures of fuzzy concepts—for this (in fact, I do, given the ratio of noise to signal out there). Just an absolutely perfect shot, in every respect. The lovely Summarit bokeh, the tonally split frame, that one exquisite clean line of light limning her neck that centers everything and holds the whole picture together, the chaste breast, all of it effortlessly reinforcing the wistful, faraway, indirected mood. Gorgeous. This is grace, made visible. The occasional picture like this is why we all keep going, if you ask me.

Mike Johnston

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