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Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's summer time.

The back story is that I was revisiting my college with a friend. It's been a while, and somethings changed. For example, the cafe where I had my breakfast almost everyday was renovated. A new entrepreneurship center was established on the grassland behind our campus, where I spent countless nights with my classmates. I lost myself in every corridors when exploring the lecture rooms and labs.

But somethings remained. I took pictures of my old apartment, and we enjoyed a relaxing coffee break at one of my favorite restaurants on the campus. We walked pass the student halls, to the swimming pools, to the track fields and to the ferry pier. I still remember spending much time meditating and listening to the waves. The place remains calm and beautiful, and I can only feel the flow of time when I took the picture.

The library is one of my favorite place on campus. It remains lively, and student squandered working fiercely on their studies and papers. I just loved it. You find a picture of it earlier in my blog.

It's the good old summer again.

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