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Friday, June 29, 2007

I met this group of photographers when we were testing our new cameras. They came in a group of five or six, and two to three models in their Lorita outfits. She was generous enough to pose for me for a couple of shots.

When I look at this picture again I notice a couple of things. First is the uneasy, rigid smile on her face. I notice the same problem among her other pictures, as well as photos of the other models. I thought maybe this is the culture of Lorita cosplays. But when I look at it again I began to notice a conflicting message inside her. She was very confident and natural in her pose, and underneath you can almost see a kind of mysterious happiness inside her. I am a bit exaggerating but I was thinking of Mona Lisa when I look at this portrait.

Second, I tried to preserve the shadow details on her dress and I dialed a -1/3EV compensation for the shot. I realised now that it was unnecessary. In the old days of slide films the exposure is pretty much set at the shutter curtain. Nowadays we adjust highlights and shadows easily in Picasa/Photoshop, as long as the picture is within the dynamic range of the camera. Posted by Picasa

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