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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Everyone takes pictures at weddings. I think the two biggest excuses of getting a camera are 1: for my new born, 2: for a wedding. Somehow they have a long, interwinded history.

Wedding photos are mostly disastrous. The engagement portraits are usually copycats of everyone else's work. Inside you find couples in all familiar poses on all familiar backgrounds. Unfortunately you also find them looking unfamiliar in their unnatural smiles. The photos feel distance and impersonal.

Wedding day pictures are much better. They can simply be segregated into the following categories:
1. "I was there, say cheese"
2. Category 1

Wedding photographers are everyone, and most of them come unprepared. You can easily find them asking questions on equipment right before the event. They carry no portfolio, they do not know how to make a print. The couples usually get a DVD of jpegs after the event, and find themselves struggling to make any prints from it.

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