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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I shot this in 2000, when I was on my trip with David to Vancouver right before his wedding. We were on our way to Whistler and I shot this holding my camera near the rear-view mirror.

This picture reminds me of a recent discussion on The Online Photographer about digital camera development. In particular, DSLR releases from Canon and the like simply crushed innovations from other manufacturers. I couldn't have got this picture without a compact swivel, an idea first communicated by Sony in 1999. I was a big fan of it: the camera is light, stylish and easy to use. The optics swings easily from the front to the back of the camera which allows you to frame pictures of yourself and friends using the LCD. The product line, like other innovations such as four-thirds or RAW-shooting, non-superzoom point and shoots, are overwhelmed by single-button point and shoots and DSLRs that simply follow incompatible designs from the 35mm old days.

I wish I had kept my F55V for another decent self-fun portraits.

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